Become A Seller

If you make fantastic resources why not sell them, help others and earn money.

How Much Does It Cost Me?

Registering as a seller and selling products is completely free.

Other resource market websites require a payment to access better rates from their earnings, Primary Maths Resources does not so joining costs you nothing.

How Much Can I Earn?

Primary Maths Resources has no tiered structure for revenue so everyone, regardless of how many resources they have or how much they make, will earn the same percentage from each sale.

You will earn 75% of every sale which is a fantastic rate compared to other websites.

Will My Resources Be Seen?

Our aim is to promote new resources as much as possible so the latest resources will be displayed with every product search and every resource listing in order to boost visibility.

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete all the fields on your Account Settings to fully register your shop, then your free to begin uploading and selling!